Below are some settings and shortcut keys for Microsoft Outlook 2010. Also, I believe they will work in 2013 as well.

Here are some quick key shortcuts:

to find a comtact
alt h then f then c
then enter your search for contact

To get to the address book
alt h then A and then b

To add new contact
alt h then i and then c
control plus shift plus c

Configuration settings

We want to turn the following options off to make the interface more workable.
Please keep in mind that these settings are keystroke specific for Outlook 2013
I verified all but the first one in Outlook 2010, so please try them and let me know if you have any issues.

Message Preview - I can't get this option to work in Outlook 2010
press alt and v to get to the view tab
now press the letter p and then the letter l
choose off and press enter
Now apply it to all folders by tabbing to all mailboxes and pressing enter

Reading Pane
press alt and v to get to the view tab
press the letter p followed by the letter n
down arrow untill you get to off and press enter

To Do Bar
press alt and v to get to the view tab
Press the letter b
down arrow until you get to off and press enter

People Tab
press alt and v to get to the view tab
Press the letter p and the letter p once again
down arrow until you get to off and press enter

Now we want to turn off grouping
press alt and v to get to the view tab
Press v for view settings
Now we are in the advanced view settings
Press the tab key once
Now you will land on the group by button
Press enter to activate it
Now press the space bar to uncheck it
tab until you get to the ok button and press enter, you may want to press shift and tab to move backward and get to the ok button faster

Below is a list of some media player shortcut keys.

They should be able to be used with audio files as well as a movie dvd.

media player shortcut keys
To do this Use this shortcut key
Go to the DVD menu - CTRL+SHIFT+M
Pause - CTRL+P
Fast forward - CTRL+SHIFT+F
Go to the previous chapter - CTRL+B
Go to the next chapter - CTRL+F
Change the DVD angle - ARROW KEYS
Change the DVD audio selection - CTRL+SHIFT+A
Change the DVD subtitles selection - CTRL+U

Notes on the ID Mate custom barcode database.

In order to create a custom database on the id mate quest, you just create a text file containing the barcode number and the description
. You need to separrate both pieces of information by using a semi colon, for example a entry may look like this:
123456789123;Chicken Noodle Soup from Save-A-Lot
The first part is the 12 digit barcode that appears on the product, to get this you can have your quest read the barcode to you, if you have a Summit you will not be able to do this part with the scanner. You can use digit eyes on the iphone to do this.
Now once you have the barcode you can search the web for its description, or get sighted help to determine what it is. Also keep in mind that tap, tap, see might work as well.
Once you have the file created with all the entries you must name it in a specific way. It must be called barcodesxx.dat and then copied over to the quest.
The two x's represent a number from 01 through 99. The quest can have up to 99 different custom databases, the Summit is limited to one, I believe.
If anyone is interested in doing this I can go further and put up some notes on copying over the database and/or doing this on the Summit, since there are a few more steps that have to be done. The Summit makes you compile the text file using a utility that is on their website and I have tried it and it works.
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